Connecting Loved Ones Together, Virtually

We know that grieving for a loved one is hard, but you don't have to do it alone

"What an amazing gift you gave our family, during our time of grief. Thank you so much!" - Rachel

"Thank you for making everything so seamless. It's great to not have anything to worry about at a time like this" - Robert

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Your Virtual Memorial Service

We will set-up and facilitate your virtual video meeting for your friends and family to join. We will ensure only the people you want to invite will have access to this private meeting. 

You might also want to stream the memorial service with others to watch. We will provide you with the choice of broadcasting the service live to your website.

We will also keep a recording of the memorial service for you and upload it to your tribute site.

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Choose Your Plan

Please contact us if you have any questions:

Premium Plan $799.99

Virtual Memorial Service for up to 150 Devices Connected. The event can be completely virtual or live from a chapel or home. This plan includes:

  • Virtual Memorial Service of up to 90 minutes.

  • Tribute Website with online guestbook, obituary, unlimited photos, videos, custom domain, and more.

  • Personal Facilitator to help plan the Order of Service, and coordinate with your speakers and clergy.

  • 1 Facilitator to assist during the service; sharing media & slideshows, muting/unmuting speakers.

  • 30 Minute Rehearsal on a date/time prior to the event.

  • Live-Stream Service to Website

  • Recorded video file of service which can also be upload to the site.

Deluxe Package $1199.99

This plan includes Premium Features Plus:

  • Memorial Service of up to 2.5 hrs for an unlimited number of devices.

  • 2 Facilitators present during the service to assist in sharing media & slideshows, muting/unmuting speakers, and responding to any technical issues with guests joining the service.

  • Virtual Reception before the service starts.

  • Professionally Designed: Digital invitations to send to guests, a slide of the program to welcome guests, a photo slideshow to play during the event with music, and a thank you card to send to guests after the event with the recording and link to your website.

  • Video Editing for cuts, intro titles, and music overlays to the recording of your service.

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Providing a Meaningful Service

We will provide you with a personal support facilitator who will guide you through the process step by step.

Memorial Planning

Your facilitator will assist in setting a date and time for your virtual memorial service, creating invitations to send to attendees, and including information for your service on the website. They will coordinate with your clergy and speakers to set a vision and agenda. They can create custom slideshows, videos, and music.

Service Facilitation

Your facilitator will be present during the entire virtual memorial service to ensure it is smooth running. They will manage all tech, such as muting, unmuting, and spotlighting speakers and attendees, as well as presenting any slideshows, videos, or music during the service. 

Concierge Support

Your facilitator is there to support you. They will make their phone number available for you to call if issues arise before or during the virtual memorial service. Prior to the service, they will provide  "how-to" resources for you and your guests, and schedule a rehearsal to practice the service and answer any questions.

"I cannot thank Oliver and his team enough. The website design was professional and our virtual memorial service ran smoothly. It was an honor to work with Remembering.Live during these times" Andrew P 


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